Hello all,

My name is Jamie Scholl and I am currently a second year graduate student at UW-Stout.  I am finishing up my master’s in Applied Psychology and am just starting to become excited to learn more about FAB LABs and the opportunities they present!  I have limited experience working with any of the actual equipment within our FAB LAB, but have seen some of it in action and it looks pretty interesting.  I am also interested in learning what is making these labs successful for certain individuals and possibly how we can get the most out of these labs for everyone that is lucky enough to have access to them.  I look forward to meeting more of you and hearing your stories about how you became involved with the FAB LAB or your own particular FAB LAB.


Sylvia Tiala – A bit about me, Stout’s Fab Lab and Goals. What about you?

Tiala 057 I came to UW- Stout in 2006 after spending 20 years teaching Technology Education at the K-12 level.  I became intrigued by the idea of a Fab Lab and the potential it had for engaging students in emerging technologies.  I like the fact that you are able to work with hands-on applications while investigating modern technologies and problem-solving processes.  It is an approach that is exemplified by Seymour Papert and his constructionist philosophy.

I was fortunate enough to have gone through MIT’s Fab Lab Academy training.  I am able to access UW-Stout’s Fab Lab which was installed in February of 2013. We have a Makerbot Replicator 2X, a 4′ x 8′ Shopbot, an Epilog Laser Engraver, a Modela mini-mill, and a vinyl cutter.  I have been able to use these on personal projects and to develop workshop materials for K-12 teachers.

I am combining my personal passion for this digital fabrication lab with the expectation for research.  I am particularly interested in process-based versus product-based curriculum approaches, andragogical teaching principles applied to learners from the millennial generation, and communication processes and networks.

Enough about me.  What about you?

Welcome to the Midwest Digital Fabrication Community of Practice!


Welcome everyone to the Midwest Digital Fabrication Community of Practice!  We have  a number of schools and organizations interested in developing resources for digital manufacturing. We have an  interest in coming together to identify common needs and interests.  Our beginning team is made of representatives from:

  • University of Wisconsin – Stout
  • Three Lakes (WI)

We are going to start our community of practice by looking at processes related to “collective impacts” to see if our collaborative efforts can move our shared interests and common needs forward. Welcome Aboard!